Alexander Kaletski


Alexander Kaletski is the writer of the novel "Darkness of Light", a story that was adapted into a theatrical production in early 2023. He served as co-director and writer for the production, titled "Darkness of Light: Confessions of a Russian Traveler", as well as producing the show's music with Steven Katz.

Kaletski studied acting in Moscow from 1965 to 1969 and went on to a highly successful career in stage, television, and film productions. At the same time he held underground concerts of his songs and art shows. In 1975, to escape the danger of arrest and political prosecution, he emigrated to the United States. Arriving to America he gave a nationwide concert tour of his Moscow underground songs, eventually appearing on the Merv Griffin television show. He taught Russian, designed fashion fabrics, illustrated books and held art exhibitions. In 1985 he published his semi-autobiographical novel "Metro" (Viking) which became an international bestseller.

For more information on Alexander's novels, paintings, music, or videos, or to access his store, follow the link to his personal website below.